Principals Message


Miss Pillay

My passion for education and supporting the success of all learners has been shaped over the past 24 years as an educator, HOD, Deputy Principal and Principal, in Pretoria. In each of my roles, I have sought to ensure the success of each learner and the school, by providing the best instructional and extra-curricular opportunities and support possible. Similarly, it is my number one priority at La Montagne Primary School to ensure that every learner receives a holistic education that will ensure maximum results at the end of the year. Most importantly, my goal is to ensure that all learners are healthy, happy and safe.

An excellent education is not possible without the collaboration of learners, parents and staff. Over the years I have had the privilege of getting to know some of the amazing learners, parents and staff at La Montagne Primary while also learning about the school’s history and successes.

My vision for our school is to embrace a global 21 st century education. The global citizen of the future will need more than just academic skills to succeed. Our children need to learn values, have multiple skills and be willing to go the extra mile. If we ignore globalization we will fail our learners and if we ignore the importance of strong focused leadership our schools will fail.

Our school has been the pride of the community of La Montagne. The school governing body as well as the management team and staff of La Montagne intend to uphold the name of the school and develop the school to meet the demands of a 21 st century education. Education is not only the responsibility of educators – we need every stakeholder to be involved. We need the support of our parents and community to continue delivering excellence in education.

As educators, we effect eternity in what we teach and without gentle contempt for education, no person’s education is complete. The aim of education should be to teach our children how to think, rather than what to think and to improve their minds so as to enable them to think for themselves.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions, concerns or ideas that you would like to discuss.

I am available by appointment if you wish to see me in person, please contact the office to facilitate an appointment.

Yours in education

Ms R. A. Pillay